Walter Rudametkin, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral researcher @ inria rba

Where I work

I'm a posdoctoral researcher in the (formerly ) at the research center.

Our team focuses on software diversity and all of its benefits. Much like ecosystems found in nature, software can take advantage of variants that co-exist within these complex systems, improving robustness, security and resilience.

Mostly though, higher levels of diversity provide a pool of software solutions that can be used to adapt to unforeseen situations.

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What I do

Of course, having variants is not everything. To increase resilience, you have to make them usable, to change from one variant to another, and particularly, to tolerate these changes unexpectedly.

I'm interested in the intricate details of handling dynamic software reconfigurations (e.g., quiescence, component decoupling) at both the component and architectural levels. I've mostly focused on dynamism in centralized component-based frameworks like OSGi, iPOJO and Fractal.

Here's a copy of my Ph.D. thesis and my defense slides. A video of my defense can be seen at the LIG website. Just for the nostalgic part in me, here's my master's thesis with my ugly slides too.


I studied for my bachelor's degree at the (UABC) from 2001 until 2007. Yeah, it's a really long time, but during that time I was part of the Programa de Ingenieros en Francia interchange program for two years (2004-2005 and 2006-2007), under which I studied at a top french engineering school, namely the . This was simply an amazing experience that changed what I wanted in life.

INPG students in their last year can choose to go the research route and get both a master's degree and an engineering degree, at the cost of having to take about 30% more ECTS credits. So I said to myself "gee, self, that looks pretty cool", and signed up at the 's school.

So, in September 2007 I concluded my studies for my Mexican bachelor's degree, my French engineering degree, and my French master's degree.

After all of that, I landed into a really cool and demanding doctorate program that allows you to work for a company while doing your doctorate. It's what some call an industrial doctorate, and is known in France as a CIFRE. I worked for for about three and a half years, and later went on to finish my doctorate with the , specifically in the .

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